Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top 6 Places to Find Scrap Copper

Scrap Copper Wire
With copper prices being at an all-time high lately you might want to know some of the most common places to find scrap copper to get your hands on some of that cold hard cash!  We’ve created a list of the top 6 places to find scrap copper for you:

1. Remodeling/Demolition Sites – Ever just stumble upon a demolition site or remodeling site that needed someone to clean up the scrap? Wish we could all be so lucky! One valuable part of any demolition or remodeling site is the electrical wire that is usually scraped up by the electrician for scrap when the job is over.  If they’re not scrapping the wire for copper ask to take it off their hands – then run with the scrap before he changes his mind!

2. Household Plumbing – Next time your pipes freeze in the middle of winter think about the cash you can get for those copper pipes!  Most pipes and plumbing materials are made from copper like your pipes and parts of your water heater.  Don’t just throw them out when they need replaced, scrap them for some extra cash! Want a bonus? There’s usually brass tied in with the copper, and you can scrap that too!

3. Copper Statues & Décor – We’ve all seen those hideous statues hidden in our garage or basement that someone thought would make the perfect lawn ornament or living room décor.  Unfortunately they thought wrong which is why it luckily landed in your possession.  Don’t frown every time you go to Spring clean your garage at the little copper gnome smiling up at you.  Go ahead and cash it in as scrap copper!  You’ll breathe a lot easier – unless the Mrs. catches wind of it and you didn’t ask first!

4. Household Appliances – The older the better! Older appliances have more copper which gives you more scrap and more money. Washers, dryers, refrigerators, and air conditioners make great scrap appliances for their copper coils. Beware that most states have laws that permit appliances to be scrapped unless it’s done professionally (which your local scrap yard can take care of) because of the fumes.  Take advantage of the other scrap inside your appliances like the steel for an extra buck!

5. Roofing Cooper – Know anyone with copper roof accents? Over the past 20 years, replacing your roof with copper has become popular because of it’s long lifespan and the fact that copper is 100% environmental friendly and recyclable.  When a roof needs to be replaced or repaired keep your eye out for the scrap copper and try to get your hands on it (legally of course!)

6. Old Electronics – If you're desperate for a little extra cash, take your old electronics and their charges out of storage where they sit collecting dust and cut out the copper wire.  Electrical wire from a home can lead to large amounts of scrap copper, but it’s a completely different story with electronics wiring.  This work can be tedious since the wires are so small, and you’ll need a lot of it to make it worth your time, but hey when your wallet is thin you need to fill it!

Now that you have your copper scrap, find the best scrap metal prices in your area with the iScrap App, a free mobile app that lets you find scrap yards on your phone.